Safety Measures to Protect Cats from Harm and Accidents

Posted on 2020-07-14  143 Views

Cats are very agile, jumping up and down and often going into unexpected places. Their natural curiosity will drive them into all sorts of things. Cats are very quick, and if doors and windows are left open, they are likely to sneak outside, all of which are very dangerous.

To ensure a safe life for your cat, it's important to anticipate what the cat might do and then eliminate the danger ahead of time. Cats won't behave just because we reprimand them, so to prevent injuries and accidents, it's important to create a safe Living Environment.

measures to ensure cat safety

Do not leave drawers open.
There have been cases where cats have accidentally eaten small items from drawers, and other cases where owners have not been aware of cats hiding in drawers. The drawer is closed, leaving the cat in a closed space for a long time. Therefore, close the door to any place that cats like to touch or where they may get into.

Beware of electrical wires and sockets
If the cat bites the cable, it is likely to be electrocuted, so it is better to hide the cable under the carpet or on the back of the furniture. To prevent cats from touching wall sockets, it is best to cover the sockets.

Put away dangerous objects
Be sure to check the room for rubber bands, plastic pieces, and other items that can be dangerous if swallowed.

Ensure safety even in narrow places.
We often put - poisons under furniture or in crevices to kill cockroaches. These are dangerous for cats to eat and must not be placed there. In addition, to ensure that cats will not get injured, these small areas should be cleaned regularly to remove any debris.

Use a litter bin with a lid
To prevent cats from being poisoned by eating dangerous household waste, use a litter box with a lid.

Do not place foliage plants
Cats are likely to eat leaf-viewing plants, however many of them can be poisonous to cats, so it's better not to keep them in your home.
Preventing burns
If there is a cup of hot water on the table, the cat may jump on it and knock it over, causing it to be scalded. . So please keep the hot water bottle out of your cat's reach.

Choose a curtain that will not get stuck in your cat's claws
Kittens and young cats love to climb curtains and sometimes get their paws caught and hurt. Curtains.

Don't keep water for a long time
If there is water in the bathtub or washing machine, the cat may jump in because it wants to drink, and there is a danger of drowning. Therefore the water needs to be drained or covered. It is best to make sure that the cat cannot get into the bathroom or sink.

Tuck the door stop under the door to prevent it from closing.
In order to allow cats to come and go freely, it is best to keep the door of each room open. However, if the cat runs around, it is likely to get caught in the door, so leave enough space for the cat to pass through and fix it with a door stop.

Pay attention to the gas stove top
If your cat jumps on the gas stove top, it may accidentally hit the switch and ignite, which could cause burns.For safety reasons, it is best to keep cats out of the kitchen. It is also a good idea to cover the gas stove with a lid and not to put anything on it.In addition, if there is a cup of hot water on the table, it may be knocked over by the cat when it jumps on it, resulting in the cat being hurt. Therefore, please keep the hot water bottle out of the reach of cats.

Happy life with your pets.