What do we need to do before we get a cat for the first time?

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Get everything you need for the kitten in advance.

If a kitten is about to arrive at home, prepare the necessary items before it arrives.

First of all, we need to prepare toilet supplies,cat bed,food basin,cat food, grinding board, and then we need a cat box, which can be used when taking the cat to the hospital or anywhere. And cleaning tools as well as toys can be slowly prepared in the future.

In addition,if we prepare a cat cage and traction rope,it will be more convenient.

Prepare items as following!

@Cat food for kittens

When feeding a newly weaned kitten,you can soak the weaning meal or dry cat food sold on the market with warm water before feeding it.

@Eating Basin

You need to prepare two kinds, one for cat food and the other for water.

@Toilet litter

In addition, whether it is to welcome the adopted kitten or newly bought kitten,you can choose to mix some sand used by the cat before with the present one, which will make the cat easier to get used to the present environment.

@ Cat bed

If you’ re going to buy one from the market,choose a light,washable type. You can also make a cat bed out of a padded trunk, or fold up a towel or blanket to use as a cat bed.

@Grinding claw plate

In order to prevent the cat from scratching on the furniture and walls,it is necessary to prepare a claw plate. It can be corrugated paper, cloth materials such as blankets

or wood,and you got a variety of types to choose from. It can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall——all according to the cat‘s preference.

@ Cat Shipping Box

Not only can you use it when moving your cat, but if you put it in your room, it becomes a great place to put your cat to sleep Housing. The top of the box needs to have an opening for easy removal and storage of the cat. What size shipping box is better to choose? As long as the cat can turn around freely in it, it's fine.


Choose toys for cats, which are safe even if they are bitten by kittens. It is recommended not to buy too many toys at the beginning, but gradually add more toys by observing your cat's preference.

@Cleaning tools

Rake combs, combs, nail clippers, toothbrushes, etc. used to clean cats.

@Cat cage

In order to ensure a safe place for the cat, or to prevent accidents when leaving the kitten at home alone,cat cages should be used. The top of the cage should be closed to prevent the cat from jumping out of the cage.

Create a comfortable living environment for kittens

Kittens must be anxious when they come to a new environment. The first thing you need to do is to create a reassuring and comfortable space for your cat. Some cats are very afraid of loneliness and like to have people around, while others prefer to be quietly alone. It is important to create a living space that suits your cat's different personalities.

The basic principles of creating a cat‘s living space

1 Let the cat eat in a quiet place

If the cat is eating with someone next to it, it is likely that it will not be able to eat at ease. Eating places can be located in quiet places such as the kitchen, corners of the living room, etc. where people do not often pass by.

2 The cat toilet should be located away from the place where the cat eats

Cats do not like to eat at the place where they defecate, it is their natural reaction. In addition, for the sake of hygiene, it is better to separate the toilet from the eating area.

3 Ensure that the place where your cat lives is not too hot in summer and is warm in winter.

The place where cats live for a long time must be free from direct air conditioning. Cats are more resistant to cold and heat than we think, so as long as the room temperature is comfortable for humans, it is fine. up. Cats like to go out in person to find comfortable places, so don't close the door and allow your cat free access.

4 Places to sunbathe

Cats like to spend their days lounging in the warmth of the sun, so it's best to create a cat living space near a window where the sun can shine in.

5 Places where cats can jump up and down

Cats like to jump up and down and are happy to enjoy height differences. You can place uneven furniture in your room or use a cat tree-climbing frame. However, some cats do not seem to be interested in tree-climbing frame, so before you buy one, make sure you check whether your cat likes it or not.

6 Narrow Space to get into

Cats love narrow spaces, whether it's on top of a piece of furniture or under a sofa, and if there's a gap, cats love to get into it. -Be careful not to put dangerous objects in these places.

7 You can bring some supplies from the place where the cat lived before.

① Towels with the smell of a mother cat

If you put a towel with the mother cat's or kitten's own scent on it on the cat bed, it will help your cat sleep peacefully.

② Kitten's previous litter

You can also use some cat litter with the smell of kitten's excrement and mix it with the litter in the cat's litter box to encourage your cat to go to the toilet voluntarily.

Happy life with your pets.