The right way to hold and pet a cat to make it feel safe!

Posted on 2020-07-17  200 Views

Kittens have just arrived in a new home and are filled with anxiety. At this time, we can make the kitten lower its guard through physical contact.

When touching the kitten, talk to it in a gentle tone . Different cats like to be stroked in different ways, so you should observe the areas that they like to be stroked while you are touching them.

First of all, learn how to hold the cat properly and how to pet it properly. If the owner can make the cat feel comfortable by holding and stroking it, the relationship of trust between the cat and the owner will be strengthened, and the cat will also be more comfortable. The cat will enjoy contact with humans day by day.

Hug session: how to make your cat feel at ease

Wrong way:

If you hold up the cat's two front legs with both hands, the whole body will be spread out, which will make the cat feel very uneasy. And the cat is likely to get angry,especially for adult cats that have not yet adapted to the environment, this kind of holding may make the cat furious.

Right ways:

FIRST: The owner sits on a chair, puts the kitten on his lap, holds the kitten's chest with one hand and supports the whole body with the other hand between the back of the head and the back of the kitten.