Training your cat to defecate properly from day one

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Basic things you need to prepare

Cats are very wary animals and will not excrete if they do not have a toilet that will make them feel at ease. Therefore, when preparing to house a cat, you should first select a suitable litter box and litter to provide a safe place for your cat to defecate. Once you have decided on the location of the litter box, it is best not to change it again. Cats are animals that hate change, so even if you have to move the toilet, do it little by little without your cat noticing it..In addition, cats love cleanliness, so it is important to keep the toilet clean from time to time. In addition, cats love cleanliness, so it is important to keep the toilet clean from time to time. As long as the litter box is comfortable, your cat will not be depressed.

Selection of cat litter

There are many types of cat litter, and prices vary. Cats also have their own favourite litter. We can try one litter at first and then replace it if the cat is not satisfied.
Paper litter
It is easy to remove because urine coagulates it, and has a deodorizing effect, but paper litter tends to fly off.
It has good deodorizing and urine absorption ability, but it is light and easily disperses, and it forms a powder after absorbing urine.
Soybean curd
It absorbs urine very well, coagulates easily, and has a certain weight and does not disperse easily. However, it has a special smell which some cats do not like.
The natural mineral granular cat litter has great deodorizing and absorbent properties. But it's heavy, and not easy to transport. It is also expensive.

Selection of litter box

Containers for the litter box, the type with a lid, and the double-decker type with a pet mat and litter are available. .First of all, you need to decide on the location and size of the toilet, and then you can choose the rest according to your own preferences.
First of all, you need to decide on the location and size of the toilet, and then you can choose the rest according to your own preferences.
BOX type
This type of container is mostly small and light, but can also be replaced by a deeper water basin.
Types with lids
Since the surrounding area is enclosed, the litter will not fly away and the cat can defecate safely inside.
Double-layer type
The absorption rate of urine is very strong, and if you only have - one cat, you won't need to change the litter for a week, which is very easy for someone new to cat ownership.

Basic methods for training a cat to squint and defecate

1 Don't ignore the signals that the cat is tending to defecate.
If you see the cat wandering or constantly sniffing the indoor floor, the cat is probably trying to defecate.

2 Take the cat to the toilet.
Take the cat to the toilet, then put it on the litter and observe it from a distance.
If the owner or family members are always watching the cat, it will be very upset and may find it difficult to defecate. So in the beginning, keep away from the cat and observe it from a distance.

3 Praise the cat if it does a great job.
If the cat does a great job of defecating in the bathroom, then we can pet him and praise him and say, "That was great!"
If it fails.
If the cat accidentally defecates somewhere other than the toilet, be sure to clean it up immediately, as cats will treat smelly areas as Toilet. And don't punish the cat severely for just one failure, because it will make the cat less likely to go to the toilet because it is afraid.

4 Clean the toilet immediately after excretion
The owner should clean the toilet as soon as possible after the cat has excreted, partly because cats love a clean place, and partly because this will not leaves smells in the house . You can use a special trowel to remove the litter from the cat's excrement, and then add some new litter and mix it in.


How to prevent odors

You can easily eliminate the odors by using cat litter or spraying deodorizing spray around the area. You can also place charcoal or other odor-absorbing objects near the toilet.In addition, be sure to ventilate the room frequently.

What should you do if you have several cats at the same time?

Cats have a strong sense of territorial division, so they do not like to use the toilet used by other cats. Therefore, if you have several cats at the same time, you should prepare a separate toilet for each cat.
Where to put the litter box
To allow the cat to defecate in a relaxed way, place the toilet in the corner of the room or in the bathroom, as these places are quieter and it is better not to place it in the living room or in the entrance because there are more people coming in and out.

Happy life with your pets.