How to feed a kitten when you just start raising it

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Don't change the food suddenly

When welcoming a new kitten, you need to check with the pet store or breeder where the kitten previously lived to find out what type of cat food the cat ate before, as well as the amount and frequency of meals a day.
If the cat's food is changed immediately, its health may deteriorate and you should basically wait a week before changing the cat's food.
After one week, you can give your cat a balanced nutrition diet of good quality . As kittens are growing, the amount of food can be increased according to the cat's weight.

The basic process of changing the cat's food

Key points to give your cat food

1 Let the cat eat in a quiet place

Use a special food bowl to feed your cat in an undisturbed, quiet place, preferably at the same time every day.

2 Use special cat food to feed your kitten.

Integrated nutritional food for kittens has a different pellet size and nutritional value compared to adult cat food. If your cat can't eat it, you can also give it to him after softening it with water. Be careful not to give your cat human food.

3 Feed the cat food to the cat in small portions.

Since the cat's digestive organs are not yet mature, if you feed it too much food at one time, it may cause diarrhea and discomfort, so at the beginning, you should divide the cat food into four to five portions and feed it in small amounts.

4 Take the food bowl away at the right time.

After a while, even if there is still some cat food in the food bowl, remove the food bowl. If the food is left in the food bowl for a long time, it will oxidise and the cat will not like it.

5 The other food bowl should be filled with water

In order for your cat to have adequate access to water at all times, it is necessary to place an additional food bowl with water next to the food bowl with cat food. In order to prevent water from spilling out, you can also use a waterer instead of the food bowl.

Changes in your cat's diet during kittenhood

Newborn ~ 4 weeks or so

Breastmilk, cat's milk
Until about four weeks after birth, milk cats drink the mother cat's breast milk. In the case of stray cats, if there is no mother cat, the kitten can be fed with milk from a bottle.

4 to 8 weeks

weaning food
You can soften market available weaning food or dry cat food with warm water or cat milk before giving it to him. You can start with more moisture and then gradually reduce the moisture.
Droppers for weaning food
If it's a watery, sticky weaning food, you can also use a cat dropper to feed it.

Around 8 weeks to 1 year old.

Cat food for kittens
After the weaning period, until the cat is about one year old, you need to feed the cat a cat food that contains protein, vitamins and minerals for its growth.

Happy life with your pets.